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Log Bowl

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Log Bowls combine the beauty of a tree in its natural state with a high-gloss, vibrant finish. Each bowl is handmade using locally reclaimed trees of all varieties (fallen or cut down due to infrastructure or inclement weather). The trees are hand selected, gathered, turned and finished by Loyal Loot Collective and local artisans. Log Bowls come in a wide variety of colours and are refined by hand with a water-based, furniture grade finish. Log Bowls are the perfect one of a kind gift!

DESIGN / Doha Chebib Lindskoog, Loyal Loot Canada
SIZE LOG BOWL 2 / Approx. 5,1–6,4
SIZE LOG BOWL 3 / Approx. 6,4–8,9
MATERIAL / Reclaimed logs, Acrylic paint, Water-based gloss finish