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Apollo Portable Lamp


Designed by STUDIO 0405, the Apollo Portable Lamp is a portable and free-standing lamp for indoor and outdoor use that creates space and intimacy wherever it is placed. Hand-made in a single piece of opal glass, its rounded curves and unified silhouette are a contemporary interpretation of the classic lamp form. The light source and rechargeable battery are concealed within the shade, illuminating the upper part to provide a warm, ambient glow. Apollo’s portability and deliberate simplicity of design make it suitable for using in many rooms in a domestic environment, as well as cafés, patios and other outdoor spaces.

SIZE / Ø12.5 x H22
COLOUR / White
MATERIAL / Opal glass
LIGHT SOURCE / LED G4 3.5W. 3.6V. 220lm. 3000K warm white
SWITCH / Touch step dimmer
IP / 44
SUPPLY / 5V, 600mA