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Hee Cushion


Adding extra comfort and functionality to the Hee Chair collection, the Hee Cushion comes in different sizes to fit the seat of the Hee Dining Chair, Hee Lounge Chair and the Hee Bar Stool. The thin, slightly padded cushion features anti-slip material on the bottom to keep it securely in place. Made in Teflon-coated fabric for a water- and stain-resistant finish, the cushions are available in two colours and can be used all year round.

DESIGN / Hee Welling
MATERIAL / Teflon-coated fabric
SIZE / H3 x W43 x L39. For Hee Dining Chair
H3 x W63 x L46. For Hee Lounge Chair
H3 x W36 x L33. For Hee Bar Stool